Old Chicago Brick

Old Chicago Brick Flooring

This beautiful brick floor tile has actually been cut from salvaged building bricks. We have salvaged these high quality building bricks from buildings in Chicago and sliced them into 3/8” tile for your brick flooring project! No two pieces are the same, giving your project a unique, warm feel. Our Old Chicago Brick flooring ranges in color from beautiful buffs, browns, reds, and black.

Chicago Bricks     Chicago Bricks

You do not have to worry about any fading associated with pigmented concrete products. The colors of our Old Chicago Flooring are throughout the brick, you will never see any signs of wear. These same bricks have survived the harsh Chicago winters for almost 100 years! This product is very similar to terra- cotta, it is essentially baked clay. This product can be sealed with a non- yellowing polyurethane for a high gloss finish or you can use a terra-cotta sealer for the look of raw brick.

Beautiful and Durable Brick Tiles     Beautiful and Durable Brick Tiles

Our brick floor tiles are unmatched for their combination of beauty and durability. Unlike imitation brick, authentic brick gives a room a warm, natural look you can only get using real brick. But at 3/8″, our bricks install as easy as any flooring application. Please view the photos below and request samples so you can see this product in person, you will be impressed.

For more information and to request samples please contact Jeff Gavin at 319-351-9733