Clay Brick Pavers in an array of colors

Brick Floor Tiles

Our brick floor tile products are available in a broad specturm of fourteen beautiful colors all of which are compatible for color coordinating and /or contrasting design statements. Our palette of colors includes eight clear tones and one ironspot which make up our brick floor tile Classics colors. The balance of five colors make up our brick floor tile Rustics colors all of which are naturally flashed using reduction firing techniques perfected over many years.

You never have to worry your job will have the artificial look you get with chemical flashes used for quarry tile! Also, you can rest assured the hard fired colors of our brick floor tile are color fast and will not fade with exposure to sunlight and weather which occurs with all pigmented concrete pavers. Perhaps more importantly, you can bank on us to take the extra care required to properly formulate each body and to double mix during firing in order to maintain our color consistency. Finally, designers will be pleased to know we offer factory blending which means there is endless opportunity to have any color blend imaginable available for their special custom jobs.

Brick Floor Tile Classics

Our brick floor tile Classics colors have been developed over many years to fill the needs of architects and designers. Care is taken to produce a wide range of attractive pleasing colors to provide unmatched and unlimited design possibilities.

We start with traditional brick colors including two reds-our Plantation Red (200) which is exceptionally vivid and clear along with Havana Red (250) having reddish brown tones which is a popular match to many residential face brick. It was only natural to offer a chocolate brown color we call Gunstock Brown (410). We then introduced light burning raw materials to perfect our buff color- Chino (600) and our terra cotta- Sunlit Earth (610) which is the base bady used to produce the Indian Copper (615) ironspot color.

The balance of our brick floor tile Classics consists of three of the most beautiful architectural brick colors including our tan Sahara (820) and two grays- Academy Gray (760) and Cobblestone (510).

Overall, an exceptional range of colors to mix or match on any project-residential or commercial. These colors have proven to be especially attractive when used in combination whether as blends or borders to provide any look desired.

Brick Floor Tile Rustics

All of our brick floor tile Rustics colors are natural gas flashed and made from the same body formulas used in their matching clear tone colors. The resulting varigated tones make for a special warmth and rustic feel that can be acheived with natural materials.

Our two reds are flashed to produce the Tavern Flash (300) and Magnum Flash (255) colors. Our brown flash is called Colonial Blend (440) . The Sundance (655) color is made with our buff body and Tangier (675) color is fired from our terra cotta body.

All of our colors are compatible with similarly colored residential face brick and work well with architectural and commercial projects using brick or other facing materials.