Brick Veneer



Thin Brick Veneer

Our thin brick veneer are perfect for interior or exterior wall coverings. Our beautiful thin brick veneer units are formed from shale and clay, and are kiln- fired. Our thin brick veneer is available in a broad spectrum of beautiful colors all of which are compatible for color coordinating and/or contrasting design statements. These thin brick units are much like facing brick, except they are approximately 1/2” thick. The face sizes are the same as conventional brick and therefore, when in place, give the appearance of a conventional brick masonry wall.

Advantages of Thin Brick Veneer

Some of the advantages of thin brick veneer are:

>> Interior thin brick veneer finishes can be applied by homeowners or other moderately skilled craftsmen.

>> Thin brick veneer is more durable and longer lasting than aluminum, wood or vinyl sidings.

>> Prefabrication with thin brick veneer is easily and economically done.

>> Better sound and fire resistance properties may be obtained using thin brick veneer than with some non-masonry sidings.

>> Thin brick units are more durable than imitation brick units made from gypsum, cement or plastics.

>> Walls built with thin brick units are lighter in weight than conventional masonry veneer.

>> Cleanup costs often incurred in conventional brick veneer construction may be reduced.

>> Year-round installation is possible.

>> May be used where structural support for conventional brick veneer is not available.

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