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Brick Floor Tile- Authentic Brick Flooring In 1/2″ Or 15/16″ Thickness

Beautiful clay brick flooring is unmatched for its combination of durability and character. Our brick floor tiles are available in 1/2″ and 15/16″ thickness. Our brick flooring tiles are as easy to install as any flooring application. This clay brick floor tile has true colors that run throughout the brick so there is never any signs of fading for the life of the product.

We offer an appealing and superior alternative to quarry tiles or concrete pavers. We use the finest clays, shale and raw materials which are fine ground to produce our smooth wirecut texture. Our texture is the perfect balance between ease of clean up smooth yet optimum in slip resistance even when wet. With our brick tiles you can avoid the danger of slippery quarry tile as well as the rough characteristics of traditional brick pavers.

Our brick tiles are extruded under high vacuum and hard fired to produce our high quality dense products. Our process results in our products having excellent physical characteristics especially when compared to concrete pavers. Of course, to designers and owners the aesthetics possible with our classic brick shape and beautiful colors is just as important as the technical excellence of our products.

Our brick floor products are available in the modular brick shape (3 5/8″ x 7 5/8″) in either 1/2″ or 15/16″ thicknesses. This allows for our brick floor tile to be used anywhere ceramic tile is considered as well as installations which will have vehicular traffic where 15/16″ materials set on slab provides an attractive and functional design opportunity.

Please call Jeff Gavin at 319-351-9733 to discuss your project and to request samples.

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